Getting Skinny for Ballet

I will be skinny for ballet class.

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I am really proud of myself! I am eating great which is giving me energy, keeping my attitude and modd positive, and keeping me healthy. I am aslo dancing a ton this semester! I have at least 4 hours a day and that will only be increasing once rehearsals kick in in the next couple of weeks! On top of that I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week and I have gotten up to 4.5 miles!

With all of that I am really starting to see the shape of my body transform and it has only been a couple weeks. I would really like to start seeing a few pounds drop of but for now I’m really please with how I look and feel. My stomach feels flatter, my legs are leaner, and I’m stronger. 

On Monday a girl in one of my classes looked at me and commented on how strong my legs are and how “ripped” I was. This was the greatest!

This is motivation to keep it up :)