Getting Skinny for Ballet

I will be skinny for ballet class.

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I am in love with my best friend…


  • I could never tell him
  • I would be terrified of ruining our relationship
  • He goes to school thousands of miles away from me on the opposite end of the country
  • No one could ever be as good as he is for me

I miss him all the time and when I do get to talk to him I don’t want it to end. I have always had this small feeling but today it just really hit me. He is going on a trip for spring break and I just didn’t want our conversation to end. But I also worry about him and care about him so so so much. And I think if he knew he would admit to feeling the same but what we have now is so good I think we are both afraid of telling the other the while truth. What ┬áto do?

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  1. aimlessflannel answered: he probably has thought the same, you will regret it later if you dont, just tell him how you feel!
  2. slywood answered: You hardly ever see him, so telling him wouldn’t amount to much of a relationship anyway. Be patient.
  3. faerieslikecrystals answered: naw :C i was in love with my best friend, many years ago, he died, i wish i told him!
  4. 21kelly answered: just do it. or you’ll live your life forever not knowing what could have been.
  5. felix12990 answered: Just tell him how you feel.
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