Getting Skinny for Ballet

I will be skinny for ballet class.

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Tonight was great because it sucked! I went to an open ballet class at a professional school and a lot of the PD girls were back from intensives or on vacation from the companies they are dancing with and they were all skinny and beautiful and o so talented and then there was lousy, short, fat me. 

I can’t do anything about being short but I can fix lousy and fat and I will. I need to get my butt into shape and stop eating crap. I need to go to bed hungry rather than full. I need to sweat more, work more, and work harder. I will do this once and for all. 

I am motivated. 

Also watching the perfection that is rhythmic gymnastics didn’t hurt the motivation…only fueled it! 

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So the last few weeks the semester has started and I am settling into my schedule which includes dancing 30+ hours per week…awesome! and also includes running about 4 miles a week not a lot but just enough. 

I have been working so hard. Eating right nice and healthy with lots of veggies making sure to get enough protein and all that good stuff. 

So tonight I had 3 hours of practice. This morning I had 2 hours of ballet and 2 hours of modern. Practice begins with 30 mins of cardio so I ran 2 miles and felt great. I was wearing running shorts and on the way to practice noticed how much thinner my legs look. And I also decided to wear my running tank top which I don’t wear very often because I never thought I could pull it off because you could always see my stomach bulge and and my fat arms and not to mention I have larger boobs for my size but the gym has been so hot that is what I decided to wear. 

I did cardio and felt great and then led a super intense warm up which was soooo good I was dripping sweat! S for one of the things for warm we did developes and when I did mine t the back I noticed I could start seeing my chest bones which is something I have always wanted. My collar bone is also a lot more prominent. 

And what is great too is that people are starting to really notice how great I look. This just pushes me even harder!

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HELP! Song Ideas!

Hey followers so I know a lot of you are dancers and even if you aren’t feel free to chime in. I am looking for music to choreograph to for my class. I am think something instrumental or with lyrics that has a strong musical background. For style I am thinking lyrical/ contemporary. I am super stuck so I’d really appreciate any help.

So far my top 3 possibilities have been How it Ends by Devotchka, Mad World by Gary Jules, and Dare to Believe by Boyce Avenue but I am just not feeling inspired by them!

Do you have any ideas?

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