Getting Skinny for Ballet

I will be skinny for ballet class.

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Today started off not so great. 

For breakfast I had a cinnamon roll and some scrambled eggs. I just could not resist the cinnamon roll…dumb.

Lunch was slightly better than breakfast but still not good. I ate a whole roast beef sandwich. I was planning on only eating half but ate the whole thing. 

For dinner I wasn’t hungry.

I had 30 minutes of cardio that I did on the bike followed by 2 hours of practice. Practice was fantastic. I was so sweaty by the end. It felt great. And then when I got back to my dorm I continued working on the combo and sweat some more. I just danced until I was about to crumble but it feels sooo good. 

In the end today turned out alright…good thing practice went the way it did. Hoping to be better about what I eat tomorrow and I have 2 hours of ballet tomorrow! 

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