Getting Skinny for Ballet

I will be skinny for ballet class.

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Watched Miss America tonight

Totally inspired to get in shape! I can do it!

Watching the swimsuit competition none of those girls were sticks. And I know I will never be but I know I can look good. I know I can get a flat stomach and get rid of the extra giggle on my thighs. I know I can look toned and fit and shed a couple inches off here and there. I know I can be better and I know I will be better. 

None of the contestants were perfect by any stretch but they were all in fantastic shape and worked hard to get there. I will have that. I am going to work hard and I am going to be in the best shape of my life!

I am going to shape my legs and sculpt my abs and I am going to tone my ass and get the body I have always wanted and a body I can rock and be proud of rather than one that holds me back and demolishes my confidence!

Who’s with me?

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I lost weight?

So my friends and I were watching an old video of me and one of them says to me “you’ve lost weight” and I was like what no I haven’t. One I really haven’t and two I do not see it. I look the same in old pictures as I do in new ones. I just don’t get it.

It also doesn’t help that I ate like shit this week. Gotta get back on track. 15-20 lbs. by summer is totally doable. I am now remotivated!

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So the last few weeks the semester has started and I am settling into my schedule which includes dancing 30+ hours per week…awesome! and also includes running about 4 miles a week not a lot but just enough. 

I have been working so hard. Eating right nice and healthy with lots of veggies making sure to get enough protein and all that good stuff. 

So tonight I had 3 hours of practice. This morning I had 2 hours of ballet and 2 hours of modern. Practice begins with 30 mins of cardio so I ran 2 miles and felt great. I was wearing running shorts and on the way to practice noticed how much thinner my legs look. And I also decided to wear my running tank top which I don’t wear very often because I never thought I could pull it off because you could always see my stomach bulge and and my fat arms and not to mention I have larger boobs for my size but the gym has been so hot that is what I decided to wear. 

I did cardio and felt great and then led a super intense warm up which was soooo good I was dripping sweat! S for one of the things for warm we did developes and when I did mine t the back I noticed I could start seeing my chest bones which is something I have always wanted. My collar bone is also a lot more prominent. 

And what is great too is that people are starting to really notice how great I look. This just pushes me even harder!

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Hardest Dance Class of my Life

So today I ate a really good breakfast and a small lunch and my dad made spaghetti for dinner which probably wasn’t the best but it is so good and I didn’t over eat so that was still ok. But then I had dance. It was the first class I have taken all break at my old studio and I got my ass kicked. Honestly I am looking forward to being super sore tomorrow. 

So here is what we did:

  • normal stretching stuff to warm up
  • intense abs we only did like 50 crunches but then we did these ones where you lay on your back and lower your leg until it almost touches the ground the bring it back up but the catch was we had to have our arms out in second the whole time and we did 32 of those
  • plank for not 1…not 2…but 3 minutes I was dripping sweat and we hadn’t even started dancing yet
  • then we did across the floor pretty challenging stuff like crazy turns and the sweat just kept coming
  • then we got to leap and we did like 5 different combos and each one we did like 4 times and one we even did 6 times

I feel so good. Then when I got home I wanted to eat something I thought about a bowl of cereal or a cookie but I resisted! I looked in the mirror and lifted up my shirt and thought about how good I was feeling and how I didn’t want to ruin all the hard work I had just done.

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Just got back from the gym. I ran 2 miles and did my ab exercises. 
I am proud of myself for the 2 miles it is hard with the altitude but now when I get back to school it will be so much easier. And hopefully I will be able to run bloomsday this year!

Just got back from the gym. I ran 2 miles and did my ab exercises. 

I am proud of myself for the 2 miles it is hard with the altitude but now when I get back to school it will be so much easier. And hopefully I will be able to run bloomsday this year!

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