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I will be skinny for ballet class.

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There is this guy who I barely know but we have been friendly for the last 3 years attending the same school. He is nice and we talk maybe once or twice a semester. Now, right before break he messages me on facebook and tells me out of the blue he has a crush on me. 

Now I was shocked but I had to give him credit for being honest. He is a nice guy not some crazy dumb Ill tell you I like you so I can fuck you kind of guy. So what’s the problem? I am in no way attracted to him. 

He tells me he wants to take me on a date and hang out with me and I can;t say no to people so I kind of play along (terrible I know) but then I tell him the truth. And then we didn’t talk for a few days. Then New years he texts me and we start casually talking nothing pushy about hanging out or going on a date. Then he starts bring it up again and telling me things like how beautiful I am and how he thinks it is so great how dedicated and passionate I am about dance. 

Basically this guy is great minus the fact I would never want to kiss him. So I am attracted to the guy I am talking to but not him in person. 

The other problem is that I am severely lonely and I want so badly to find someone who likes me and wants to be with me and kisses me and tells me good morning and good night. UGH!!!!! SO I sort of want to say sure lets hang out but then I dont want to lead him to believe I want more with him then I do. But then again some people say I am being too harsh and that I should give him a chance. 

Please give me your advice! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!?

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Ex Story

Today I heard a story about my ex and what he is like now. We dated for almost two years when I was in high school and now we don’t talk at all not even out of courtesy when bad things happen. So I saw an old friend today and she had seen him a few days ago and told me he is super weird now but that he brought up how I text him occasionally. 

I have decided it is officially time to put him out of my life completely. No need to think about him, care about him, talk about him there is really no point to any of it.

Last time I texted him was 12/9. That will be the last time ever. And for the first time I am actually really excited about that. 

Moving forward and moving on into what I can imagine will be the greatest year of my life!

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How do you tell your best friend you are in love with them?

I have been friends with him since my freshman year of high school he is now a senior in college and I am a junior in college. I would not be where I am today without him. He knows everything. And I am pretty sure I love him. I want to talk to him all the time but I don’t get to talk to him too much we live really far apart but when I do I don’t want to conversation to end.

The thought of being away from him forever terrifies me but its a real possibility since he has a job after graduation lined up where he goes to school which is on the opposite side of the country. He also doesn’t come home very often and when he does I do my best to see him as much as possible.

We have always been just friends even though I am fairly sure he had a crush on me when I was a freshman but I never knew for sure.

I want to tell him that I don’t know what I would do without him and that I think I care about him more than just a friend but I would probably just ruin things. What do I do? Do I say anything? What do I say? What if he feels the same? We can’t really do anything about it I don’t even know the next time I will see him.   

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My so called friends…

So rather then taking one fucking hour out of their day today my friends decided they were too busy studying or packing to come to one last thing as a group. Yet they can be up at 1am not studying or packing but getting wasted and playing drinking games being so loud that they woke me up from sleeping.  

I am really glad my friendship means so much to them. Best part is 2 of them are studying abroad and won’t be back until January. Since I really don’t mean anything to them goodbye, see ya, way to make me feel like shit.

This is about to be the longest week ever. 

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