Getting Skinny for Ballet

I will be skinny for ballet class.

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So the last few weeks the semester has started and I am settling into my schedule which includes dancing 30+ hours per week…awesome! and also includes running about 4 miles a week not a lot but just enough. 

I have been working so hard. Eating right nice and healthy with lots of veggies making sure to get enough protein and all that good stuff. 

So tonight I had 3 hours of practice. This morning I had 2 hours of ballet and 2 hours of modern. Practice begins with 30 mins of cardio so I ran 2 miles and felt great. I was wearing running shorts and on the way to practice noticed how much thinner my legs look. And I also decided to wear my running tank top which I don’t wear very often because I never thought I could pull it off because you could always see my stomach bulge and and my fat arms and not to mention I have larger boobs for my size but the gym has been so hot that is what I decided to wear. 

I did cardio and felt great and then led a super intense warm up which was soooo good I was dripping sweat! S for one of the things for warm we did developes and when I did mine t the back I noticed I could start seeing my chest bones which is something I have always wanted. My collar bone is also a lot more prominent. 

And what is great too is that people are starting to really notice how great I look. This just pushes me even harder!

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Anonymous asked: i feel the same way..i can just cry at night all the time.. i hate wearing tank tops..because i know my stomach does not look good. im 5' 5" and weigh 128 goal is to get to 105...can you help me?? :(

No I won’t help you…you’re healthy…please stay that way. Please. 

I don’t know what it is tonight but I have gotten a lot of similar messages recently. And I want to make something clear. I DO NOT support unhealthy habits (even my own). I am sharing my experiences in trying to find a balance between accepting myself and becoming the best self I can be. At times I admit I have unhealthy thoughts but my goals are to remain healthy and get to a healthier weight for my body. It may seem from my posts that what I want is unhealthy but for me it isn’t I use my posts as motivation for me personally so I apologize sincerely if that is making others feel badly about themselves because I would never wish the thoughts of hatred I have about myself onto someone else EVER.

My goal is to get to a place where I can love myself with or without weight loss. I think some weight loss will help me get there but I am doing this slowly and by introducing healthy habits in to my daily routine.

To everyone reading this please be healthy, please try to love yourself, and please if you ever need I am here to talk.

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