Getting Skinny for Ballet

I will be skinny for ballet class.

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I lost weight?

So my friends and I were watching an old video of me and one of them says to me “you’ve lost weight” and I was like what no I haven’t. One I really haven’t and two I do not see it. I look the same in old pictures as I do in new ones. I just don’t get it.

It also doesn’t help that I ate like shit this week. Gotta get back on track. 15-20 lbs. by summer is totally doable. I am now remotivated!

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Weighed myself…

For the first time since I went on break a month ago! I lost 6 lbs! I am so happy with that. I am down below 130 which is great. It is great to be in the 120’s. So I updated my current weight to 129.5 lbs. 9.5 lbs to go until my first goal weight. I can totally do this especially because starting wednesday I will be dancing 30 hours a week plus cardio at the gym!

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Anonymous asked: i feel the same way..i can just cry at night all the time.. i hate wearing tank tops..because i know my stomach does not look good. im 5' 5" and weigh 128 goal is to get to 105...can you help me?? :(

No I won’t help you…you’re healthy…please stay that way. Please. 

I don’t know what it is tonight but I have gotten a lot of similar messages recently. And I want to make something clear. I DO NOT support unhealthy habits (even my own). I am sharing my experiences in trying to find a balance between accepting myself and becoming the best self I can be. At times I admit I have unhealthy thoughts but my goals are to remain healthy and get to a healthier weight for my body. It may seem from my posts that what I want is unhealthy but for me it isn’t I use my posts as motivation for me personally so I apologize sincerely if that is making others feel badly about themselves because I would never wish the thoughts of hatred I have about myself onto someone else EVER.

My goal is to get to a place where I can love myself with or without weight loss. I think some weight loss will help me get there but I am doing this slowly and by introducing healthy habits in to my daily routine.

To everyone reading this please be healthy, please try to love yourself, and please if you ever need I am here to talk.

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So I used to absolutely hate running but it has always been something I wished I liked to do. The real reason I hated it was because I wasn’t any good at it. Well anyone can run but running takes practice. You have to build up. So a few weeks ago I decided I just really need to start running because people who run long distances have skinnier legs so I therefor wanted to run and had new found motivation to get me started. 

I could not even run a mile straight when I started…I could hardly run for 2 minutes without stopping I am now up to 2 miles with no break for walking in between and I want to get to 5 maybe. I am not sure because I do get bored but by then it will be nicer outside to run and that is less boring. 

And after having started running I am seeing a huge difference in the way my clothes fit me. My boobs are shrinking (this is like the best part!)! I am getting really close to a nice flat stomach, my legs are way more toned and skinnier, my waste is smaller, my arms are smaller overall I look way better. I just have to really keep this going…I can do it…I am doing it!

Keep on running. 

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This weekend…

This was weekend was filled with a lot of junk food. I ate WAY too much and exercised way too little. I also drank this weekend which meant a lot of pointless calories. This week shall be much better! Plus I have ballet twice this week instead of just once and I am getting my scale. I ordered it last week so it should be here in a couple of days. And when I do get it I want to see that I have been doing well and that will only motivate me to do even better! But until then I need to work really hard. 


Breakfast: egg white omelet and yogurt.

Ballet for 2 hours.

Lunch: half a sandwich or a wrap, a jello 60 calorie chocolate mousse, and an apple.

Dinner: not sure.

Dance Team Practice 2 hours.


Breakfast: oatmeal or cereal and an apple or an egg white omelet.

Lunch: not sure because I have 3 hour chem lab and then pr writing from 11:30am-4:00pm so maybe just an apple and a yogurt. 

Dinner: TBD.

Cardio for 30 minutes.

Dance Team Practice 2 and a half hours. 


Breakfast: egg white omelet. 

Ballet 2 hours. 

Lunch: sandwich and yogurt and maybe an apple for a snack.

Dinner: TBD

Yoga for 45 hours or cardio for 45 mins plus 15 mins of abs.


Breakfast: oatmeal.

Lunch: sandwich.

Dinner: TBD

Cardio 45 mins. 

Work for 4.5 hours.


Breakfast: egg white omelet and yogurt.

Lunch: sandwich.

Dinner: TBD

Yoga for 45 mins.

Also lots and lots of homework.   

Hopefully having a plan for all the days will help keep me on track this week. I also need to keep remembering to log my food because that really helps and it always so motivating when at the end of the day it tells you how much you will weigh in 5 weeks if you at everyday like that day. 

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